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Pitstick Farms is located in Madison County, Ohio. The Pitstick Brothers began farming over 35 years ago. Pitstick Farms focuses its farming efforts on grain crop production which mainly includes growing corn, soybeans, wheat, and alfalfa hay.  Over the years, the farming business has expanded into other counties which include Fayette, Clinton, Ross, Clark, Greene, and Champaign.   Pitstick Farms strives to produce the highest yields possible, while preserving the land for future generations.



Pitstick Farms continues to integrate proven technology into the farming operation to increase both efficiency and productivity.  Global Positioning System (GPS) has been used for many years, allowing Pitstick Farms to operate more efficiently and to become more productive.  The International Harvester (IH) machinery is equipped with Auto Steer that aids in minimizing overlap of the planting and harvesting of crops, as well as helping keep fuel consumption to a minimum.  When paired with geographic information systems (GIS), Pitstick Farms is able to maintain efficiency throughout the end rows and turning cycles.  Both of these technologies automate the steering of the tractors and implements which also reduces operator fatigue. Currently, Pitstick Farms conducts soil tests for its farms on a grid sampling basis. This enables Pitstick Farms to optimize its fertility for crop production.  Chemical and fertilizer products are used efficiently with Variable Rate Technology (VRT) on application equipment.  These methods have been used the past several years to help assist in the farming operation, and will continue to be beneficial in the future.  This type of technology yields great dividends in crop productivity and also helps produce higher yields. 



Stewardship of the land is very important to Pitstick Farms and  is working to ensure a healthy and productive environment for future generations.  We value all of our farm land and intends to leave it in a better condition than when we began working the soil. Erosion and drainage is controlled by adding tile, waterways, dry dams, or other structures in the field where they are needed.  Tillage is minimized to prevent erosion of fields at risk for soil loss.  We treat all of our rented acres as if we owned them and continue to improve them.


Crop Management

Great care is taken of the crops throughout the growing season.  Constant monitoring and scouting of the crops is done to help detect and treat any disease, weed, or pest issues.




Risk Management

Pitstick Farms realizes that risk management is an essential component of a viable farming operation, and that is why Pitstick Farms utilizes its own grain storage silos in order to take advantage of key market timing issues.  This allows greater flexibility at harvest and peak delivery periods to maximize the selling of stored grains and commodities.