Mission and Vision

Our Mission Statement

Pitstick Farms is a seasoned and professional agricultural farming operation that prides itself in working the soil and yielding optimal crop production.  Through hard work, honesty and integrity grounded in the way the business is conducted, Pitstick Farms wants to leave a lasting impression for family, landowners, and for future generations. Pitstick Farms is committed to integrating new technology in order to improve productivity and profitability. Pitstick Farms is also committed to maintain and improve the land. Developing lasting relationships with family, employees, landowners, while supporting and maintaining the relationship in the community is an integral piece of the mission. 



Our Vision Statement

Pitstick Farms' vision is to be a leader in the farming industry by finding new and innovative ways to improve the productivity of farmland, while also helping to sustain the nutritional value of the grains produced.  Pitstick Farms is committed to producing foods that will help feed and sustain livestock and the people in our world.  The goal is to take care of the resources that have been entrusted!