Land Stewardship

Stewardship of the land that the landowners have entrusted to our care is a top priority for Pitstick Farms.  Our philosophy of operations is to treat each farm with care as though it was our only farm.  We seek to ensure a healthy and productive environment for the next generation.  Erosion and drainage is controlled by adding tile, waterways, dry dams, and other structures in the field as needed.  Tillage is minimized to prevent erosion of fields at risk for soil loss.   We are particular about each farming operation so that we can maximize the crop potential but not compromise the quality of the farm.  Weed control is yet another issue that is important to us, and we typically spray the weeds soon after our spring planting.   Our intent is for our fields to be clean and neat.  We also take pride in mowing the grassy roadsides, and waterways associated with our fields several times in the spring and summer.  We strive to complete the planting and harvesting operations in a timely manner (weather permitting).  Because we treat all of our rented acres as if we own them, we continually work to improve them.