Our Products & Markets

Pitstick Farms is mainly a grain farm operation that produces a variety of crops.  The 2015 production schedule includes producing corn, soybeans,and wheat.  Corn and soybeans have always been the main staple within the scheduled production on Pistick Farms.  Winter Wheat is are another source  produced.





                                                            2015 Spring/Summer Crop Update


With Summer comes crop growth.  We have all seeds in the ground, the days have warmed up and we have gotten plenty of rain on all of the fields.  All necessary spraying is done.   Knee high by the fourth of July will be more than accomplished this season.  The beans have popped through and are filling in the fields nicely.  Now we watch and wait.  Everyday brings taller plants, flowering,  and the sense of hope for a good year.     It is an exciting time for all. 



Keep an eye for updates, as we continue to push for another good year at Pitstick Farms, INC.