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Services We Offer ...

Pitstick Farms is a full service grain farm operation.  Because of that, Pitstick Farms offers many custom type farming services to fellow neighbors and farmers.  Some of the various types of services that we provide are services like:

  • Custom Crop Planting
  • Custom Harvesting Services
  • Semi Grain Hauling
  • Chopping Silage Service
  • Land and Fence Row Clearing
  • Surface Draining and Field Tiling Service
  • Excavating  Work/Dirt Blowing and Leveling 
  • Custom turbo plowing and tillage
  • Custom Fertilizing and Spraying Applications Services
  • Misc. Trucking Services (like equipment hauling, custom hauling, or box car hauling)
  • Custom Spraying
  • Various other services


For Quotes or more information pertaining to these contracted services, please contact us stating your interest, and someone from Pitstick Farms will be sure to follow up with you to discuss your needs.


Custom PlantingCustom hauling & truckingField Tiling

Laying new field drainage tileCustom dirt workHeavy operator equipment used for large jobs

Turbo tillage/chisel plowingLoading of cut hay silageCustom Wheat/Corn/Soybeans Harvesting

Video Links of various custom services:

Click on a link to view a video:enlightened